The scenario of Real Estate Sector in Kolkata is rapidly changing and keeping it in view the Developers of repute like you are creating innovative architectural elegance with more and more open space for greener areas in the shape of Land Scape Gardens having Water Bodies, Lawns, Parks, Out Door Sports Arena etc. in their projects for picturesque surroundings and pollution free environment. For survival and growth, plant needs water at certain interval depending upon plant water requirement and water holding capacity of soil. Applying water manually for irrigation is neither efficient nor economical. For even and timely irrigation of Gardens, Lawns, Parks, Outdoor Sports arena, a well planned, efficient, easy to operate & maintain and durable which does not spoil aesthetic view, irrigation system is needed. We, are a Kolkata based manufacturing company in the irrigation business for last 45 years, can offer fully automatic completely buried system with programmable controllers and fertigation systems which enables application of water soluble fertilizers with irrigation water without any extra effort and cost. Our manual operated semi automatic and fully automatic irrigation systems are available for any size and shape of plot. We not supply the equipment but also design the layout of systems, install them and also provide prompt after sales service.